(Psst...I mean the way you are thinking!)


So you say you know what you want

And you *think* you know what you need to do


Great relationships, Perfect business, Ideal Body, A Strong Awareness of who you are and what you are capable are all just on the other side of you doing those ‘things’


Easy, right?

So it’s merely action and some good old hustle that will break through those barriers

Hmmm, has that worked for anyone in a sustainable way ever YET?

Well, sure, to a degree, you see success and fulfillment comes from lots of hard work and consistency, in any area of life




The answers NEVER lie in a longer to do list or you buried underneath all of the things you think you are supposed to do or be to get to the nirvana of ‘success and fulfillment’!




You at your optimal speed with shiny new tools to handle what comes your way and the knowhow of taking life and business by the shoulders and guiding them where YOU want them to go


Now who wouldn’t want THAT in a takeway box, right?


And the secret is when you add on (or take away) some of the puzzle pieces and reconfigure your focus, you will need far less ‘hustle’ mode to nowhere and will get where you want to go far faster

I’ve got you


A way to rediscover who you are, what you are meant for and then, help you accomplish it

Life, Business, Passion, Joy- all of it

None of what we want exists in a vacuum and most of us have been trying to do exactly the opposite of what it takes to grow and change to gain success!


You’ve compartmentalized your past and future to think you can just focus on now without a problem


You’ve sectioned off your drive from your fears to think that push and hustle will be enough to power through


You’ve sectioned off your perceived failures so they don’t leak over into your protected wins to think you can control how things turn out




It is about becoming a MAVERICK.






an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, unorthodox person, original, eccentric;


Uncovering the Maverick side of you means stepping up to who you truly are underneath all of the labels, shoulds and have to’s and overall ‘muggleness’ that life has thrown your way and forging out on your own road


This does not mean being defiant against rules or structure it actually means writing your own ONCE AND FOR ALL



Welcome to The Maverick Experience a group program to encounter, explore and expand into the amazing potential you deserve


A program to give you the tools, support and understanding of what stands between you and your greatness


That secret sauce I talk about?

It comes in 3 stages:






Without one, you can’t access the other


First you explore what happens on the inside, you learn how to interact with the outside and only then, can you create outside of what you have always done- into possibility


Instead of complicating your life and business growth with the latest hacks and quick fixes, what could it mean for you to FINALLY rein in all of your ideas, power, dreams and unleash them without hesitation?


What you want is in your reach- you just have to allow yourself to find out what has been holding you back, what has been missing and what parts need polishing


There is nothing you don’t already know inside 

The answers aren’t in 10 google searches or in a 25k mastermind filled with magical imaginary treasures


They are just locked up in what you think you were supposed to be and believe and they just need unlocking!


Who am I to help you unlock this?


Over the next 12 weeks, I am going to walk you from where you are to your Maverick Self through these 3 stages


Every 4 weeks, we work on another stage which I like to call Maverick Quests because growth seen as an adventure makes it far more fun to embark on!


Everyone has a different starting point where they feel the most ready and bold to take the right actions to change what’s in their viewfinder so I have created 2 tracks to choose from:


2 Maverick Tracks To Choose From:

The Maverick Life

Quest #1- Inner Terrain


Week 1- Self Reclaimed

Our first week is about permission and declarations. If you don’t know where you are, you can’t possible plan a route to travel on! You will assess your strengths and weaknesses and set a plan for our 12 week goals together, and even create your personal Archetype.


Week 2- Prism Time

This week is about facing that lack of clarity so many people hide their busyness behind. Finding out what your expectations and agreements are and addressing internal and external drivers will clear lots of the fog and ensure what you keep measuring actually makes sense for where you want to go. You will learn what your Inner Compass is and how and when you use it,



Week 3- Fortifying The Foundations

Now it’s time to be rock solid in your convictions, commitments and communication. We take a look at the stories that keep you stuck and re-engage your self worth and listening skills to tune you into what is possible rather than repeating old habits and results yet again.



Week 4- Clearing The Clutter

The last week of Quest #1, you will face what holds you back- blocks, patterns and things that no longer are needed in your life! You will build your shiny new set of beliefs and go fact finding for support that your Maverick self is ready to rock forward.


Quest #2- Outer World-


Week 5- The Best of Boundaries

Without the right boundaries, you blur the lines of other people's needs and your own self of sense, so this week is key into stepping out into the world with your new tools. You will craft your new rules of engagement and learn the different types and roles of boundaries and the consequences of not having the right ones.


Week 6- Happiness vs Fulfillment

This week you will learn the difference between the two and take a good hard look at what you keeps striving for that hasn’t gotten you what you want until now. You will learn how to stretch your set point as well as both sprint and marathon towards your goal posts and when to choose what kind of action.



Week 7- The Stumbling Stones

In week #7, you will gain an understanding of what unbreakable inner confidence is and see where impostor syndrome, fear and procrastination has held you back and learn a new way to interact with them moving forward.


Week 8- Assertiveness Bootcamp

The last week of Quest #2, you take all you have learned in the past 7 weeks and declare your wants, needs and desires with gusto. You will decide the forward path and define your allies and know how to ask for what you want when!


Quest #3-Realm of Possibility


Week # 9- Setting The Future Course

Now the games begin! You will learn all about what your needs mean and what they drive you to search for, how your perception and perspective affect what you choose and how to change them with ease. Which means, less to and fro and more focused attention and understanding of what to do and when!


Week 10- Conquering The Passion Killers on Repeat

Week #10 is about learning to catch yourself when old ways try to creep back in. The saboteurs that trip your feet right when you get going need to be addressed! How to change your state, find your creative processes and learn your self mastery map.


Week 11- Self Care Wizardry

To maintain all of the hard work and transformation you’ve gained in the first 10 weeks, now it’s time for ninja level self care! You will learn how to open and close your days, switch tasks without losing your mind and how to create realistic and achievable ideal days and actually do them without burning out in any area of life.


Week 12-Productivity for non- Cyborgs

We wrap up with an entire week of HOW to get things moving forward for yourself! Let’s be honest, the ideas of how you want to be are never the issue, it’s actually learning how to create each day the way you want to move forward and not live in reactionary mode to fit everyone else in before yourself. BUT all of the productivity gurus rarely take into account that most humans don’t really strive to function like robots with time tables!

The Maverick Entrepreneur 

Quest #1: Inner Terrain


Week 1- The Who

Your first week starts with a commitment to yourself to play full out, decide what you truly want and assess who you have been until this point. You get to set restart and set your course for success! Taking a look at your values and motivators give you the chance to see where your energy goes and change its direction when needed. 


Week 2- The Toolbox

Week 2 is about employing the tools you will need and checking what you already have in place. Finding out what your strengths are to tune way up and what weaknesses need either support or work will make creating your Maverick business self far easier than starting from scratch for no reason!

You’ll also learn how to balance getting inspired with taking action and stop waiting for your turn.


Week 3- Control and Boundaries

So much of your success (and or failures) come down to what your boundaries are like and how aware you are of why they matter. This week you will dive into the different types, how to ask for help without giving away your power and what your relationship is with control.


Week 4- Expectations and Ceilings

The phrase ‘upper limiting’ is one that stands out prominently when it comes to nurturing a growth mindset in business.

This week we dive into the beliefs you have about achievement, yourself, and what is possible for you. Once you can remove the barriers, there is nothing that will stop you. You will also go into your money story and start to break that down into realistic and doable action steps!


Quest #2- Outer World


Week 5- Who are you speaking to?

This week you dive into understanding your audience in a way you haven’t thought of before. Instead of feeling like you always have to be ‘on’, you’ll learn what long lasting connection to their wants and needs are and how to create that solid trust they can’t find anywhere else.


Week 6- Building The Bridge

In week 6, you will create the bridges between your skills and knowledge and what your audience is searching for,, even if they don’t know it yet!

You will find yourself on their map and learn how to lead them there with no dragging or cajoling required- Magnetizing at its best!


Week 7- How do they climb?

Enabling your clients to reach you at different levels of readiness and structure is key to customer retention AND your satisfaction both creativity and emotionally within your business. This week you’ll uncover how to grab the right words, how to disrupt and comfort and what type of business works best with your personality.


Week 8- Self Assessment for Growth

You wrap up quest #2 with a real understanding of how to measure you and your business up until now. With the new wisdom you’ve gained, you can amplify your journey in growth and your customer’s journey alongside you. In order to move towards scale and growth, this ability is essential and most business owners miss it completely! You’ll learn repeatable techniques to check in and tweak so you stay consistent and strong.


Quest #3- The Realm of Possibility


Week 9- Prep for growth

Now it’s time to step things up! You will face what that next level you will require to become the true CEO in every sense and identify and solve the blocks, fears and unknowns of your rapid business and self growth without needing to slip and slide anymore.


Week 10- Redefining Success For Actualization

The difference between dreaming about success and actually achieving it is what you will learn in week 10. How to take small steps towards big goals and how to recognize growth opportunities will be the main focus. You’ll also understand how to decipher between feelings as things start to move fast- it will help you keep up!


Week 11- Optimal You Day To Day

This week you will put the pedal to the metal and step up YOURSELF in your work. How you perform, what works for you and what doesn’t and design an truthful and measurable set of rituals and self management to get more done that you thought possible without force.


Week 12- Pivoting

Our final week you will learn the power of flexibility so you can fully step into your business and self but never feel stuck to stay with a certain plan or direction. Mapping out your possibility plan will give you the freedom to grow and expand and even change (gasp) your business model or plan without losing yourself or your audience along the way.

THE best mindset coach I've had that doesn't do any low blowing to make you feel shit or IM tactics.


You can be your true self when on a call with Shari!#brainjedi.


Seriously, Shari has some skills. The magic is done and sometimes it's instant, other times it's a week or so for it to embed and everything clicks.


Being a guy, I'm thinking "Yeah! I got this!" Then get a recording from our call and realise it's all been discussed and processed.


Now just consciously confirmed. Knowing that Shari has my back in a loving and also "I will tear you a new one if you give up on your dreams" way! 

Venard F.

Shari stands out amongst the crowd, in that it's not the same old story, and how we feel and respond doesn't have to be the same old story either. 


She has helped me recognise that it's ok to be 'me', and not have to follow the crowd or worry that I'm not 'doing' or 'being' what most entrepreneurs say we should be.


I don't open easily, especially to a female coach, but with Shari- there are no barriers because she just blends love, truth and kick ass- ness in a way you can't help but want to be the best you.


Wow, just had my first call with Shari yesterday & it was amazing! I'd been stuck in frustration for sometime and was feeling fed up that I'd created a signature programme for my business no-one wanted. 

I was at the point of thinking it was hopeless, never going to go anywhere and I'd wasted my time.


I'd also lost belief in it and my ability to deliver it.


With a few simple suggestions this was completely turned around and I can't tell you how much more positive I feel. I've already got 3 people agreed to beta test the signature programme and got another couple in mind so this thing is finally getting off the ground - woo hoo! Thank you Shari, you're an effing genius!!! YOU GOT ME BEFORE I GOT MYSELF!

Lisa A

What's Included?

  • Private FB Group

    Our very own community (one for each track) where we share, grow and build together over the 12 weeks

  • 12 Weekly lessons

    Each week, you will get your weekly pre-recorded lesson broken down into bite size doable parts, both in video and audio format.

    All of our content will be housed in a platform you to easily access at anytime! 

  • Creative Exercises & Meditations

    In addition to our regular content, there will be resources for further exploration- exercises and recordings for you to dive deep and get amazing results!

  • 12 Weekly Live Zoom Calls

    Once a week we have a LIVE call with me and your fellow Mavericks to go over the weekly content, ask me any questions and get live hotseat coaching. The recordings of these will also be housed in our platform for future reference

  • Beautifully Designed Worksheets

    Each lessons has a companion set of PDF worksheets to get the work done alongside me- you can print them out and create a binder for our course!

  • Weekly Office Hours Thread

    Once a week, you have me in the FB group answering MORE questions and giving support and accountability to whoever needs help


Who Is It For?

  • If deep down you know you are not living or working anywhere near what you are capable of inside?

  • If you are looking for both the guidance as well as the support of a community to bust through what holds you back?

  • If you are tired of watching time pass you by and your excuses take up far more energy than your inner drive?

  • You understand that growth takes work on your mindset & the answers don't come in a quick fix pill form?

The day I decided to step up, things started to change- 

I want that for you too & I know how to get you there


I won't promise you easy because it takes real commitment and work

BUT I will tell you it's far more fun to get unstuck than it was to get stuck

I get that you’re full to the top with ideas and dreams for how you want your life & work to look and I know you can't figure out a way out and up

I know you are exhausted from the stopping & starting and watching everyone else whiz by

But what I see most is the fear in your eyes of what if I have to quit...or stay on this same old track year after year

If there’s one thing I need you to believe is MY belief in your ability to get what you want, it’s that you have this inside you

Let me show you the way and teach you to design the life and business from the inside OUT


I can't and won't save you- I'll do one better- I'll teach you how to save yourself



Not Sure Which Track Is For You?

Come take the Maverick Quiz HERE and have your results sent straight your inbox!

But 12 weeks is just the START!

You also get 1 YEAR in my Maverick Life Unleashed monthly membership (regularly $47/month) included when you join the Maverick Experience! 


That's right- we kickstart your growth with our 12 week program and then you have me supporting you for 1 full YEAR for less than it costs to work with me 1:1 for a month


How Much Time Do I Need To Allot For Assignments?

Each weekly pre-recorded lesson will be broken down into 5-10 bits so with the worksheets, 1-2 hours a week should suffice. You can always dive deeper if you'd like!


You can design how you work the program however you like during the week- a bit at a bit or all in one shot!

What If I Can't Make The Zoom Calls Live?

Depending on the geography of the participants, I will poll each track for best time zone to hold the calls and if needed, will alternate time zones to accomodate. All calls will be recorded and posted in the platform in case you can't be live and you will be able to ask questions to be answered regardless. 

How Does A Group Program Differ From 1:1 work and Mavericks Unleashed Membership?

Great question!


The Membership: Weekly trainings in 5 different areas with more general information and overarching themes. The pace of consumption is ongoing and you can choose your own focus. There is also a library of pervious content and 1 monthly live call with me for hot seats. ($47/month ongoing) This is included for one full year when you sign up for the group program! 


One To One work: More of a bespoke deep dive with me for faster implementation with me as the co-CEO of your life and business during our time together. (packages begin at $897)


The Maverick Experience group program: Set curriculum for our time together, more in depth weekly training both pre-recorded and weekly live call with me on a 12 week sprint for deep work and targeted end results and goals we will work through together. Plus small groups for you to have accountability buddies and work alongside others on your path!


What Is The Structure Of Each Track?

Each track will ONLY have max 10 people in each pod. If numbers go over, I will open new pods for each. The size is key for me to be very hands on with you are you work as well as create strong bonds with your fellow Mavericks- no huge rooms for me!

How Do I Know Which Track To Choose?

Two ways! You can take the quiz above and if you are still not sure, you can email me directly at and we can figure it out together!

Do I Get Feedback On My Work As I Go?

That's exactly what our weekly Zoom calls are for and the weekly office hour thread- I don't want you overwhelmed by information- the goal here is to DO THE WORK together. So I will go step by step with you!

When Does The Program Start?

We start on July 11th and run for 12 weeks.

10 Spots In Each Track!  

Sign Up To Be Added To The Waitlist for Next Intake!

See what some of my clients have to say:

Boom goes the dynamite!

So, I have a few mindset issues. In the same way Trump has a few bucks, or Serena has won a couple of matches, or Spielberg made a few movies. You get what I’m saying…

Enter Shari. 

I hardly know where to begin.

How do you quantify a unicorn?

Shari gets me. Seriously gets me. And even though she gets me, and sees me, and knows bits and bobs about me that I keep hidden from the light of day, she still SPEAKS to me. And seems to enjoy it. Yeah, I know… it gets even stranger.

She sees all those things, and still wants to help me. Or rather, wants to equip me to help myself.

She is part gladiator, part lighthouse, part Energizer bunny, part big fuzzy blanket fort, part spotlight and all HEART.


If you want to work with someone who will crawl into your foxhole with you… but who won’t watch you stagnate in there… If you want to work with someone who is as invested in your success as you (and sometimes even more invested)… if you want to work with someone who has zero judgment for where you are and a clear vision of where you *could* be… if you want to work with someone who is super skilled at untangling the mess inside your head and turning that shit into PURE SUGAR…

Look no further.

Brennan M.

I had been a career girl for many years - the go-to "Mrs Get-It-Done" for my employer, and was used to juggling a demanding job with home/kids/husband.


 This is where Shari came in at exactly the right time. She helped me to see that I was trying to compartmentalise myself into 'organised me' v 'artist me' and so was introducing an internal conflict which is why I couldn't seem to get myself going.


She showed me how I could bring my planning skills gently into my fledgling creative space to help me make time to play and explore what I wanted to do and what direction I wanted to take my creativity.


I started to see how I could move forward with a creative-based business that used my strengths and felt authentic to me.


Spending time on my ‘homework’ (deep diving into myself) enabled me to start stitching ‘organised me’ and ‘artist me’ back into a whole person which was nothing short of amazing progress in 12 short weeks!


If you are feeling even slightly stuck and like you have parked a piece of yourself, I can't recommend Shari highly enough to help you get yourself unstuck, reconnected with who you are, and take yourself forward.

Rachel J.

I have run my own business for over 10 years and at some point, I realized that I really needed help. I could see that my mind was getting in the way of everything in my life, especially my business but I didn’t have the first clue about where to begin & how to ‘fix’ it.


Because I have been blessed to work with Shari and see her lift the veil from my eyes so that I can see myself, my life, my talents for what they truly are. Shari is so truly herself and so ready to share the messy parts of her own life so that you can feel right at home to share right back with her.


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”.


Shari is both the flame and the mirror. She spreads her own unique light with a fierce passion and love, shining as brightly as a firefly for all to see but at the same time, she is your mirror, telling you “I know how you feel. I have been there. I see you. This is where I’ve been & what I have learned along the way; what I continue to learn. Let me shed some light, hold your hand along the way and help you see yourself the way I see you.”


Shari has given me the tools to navigate my own unique, complicated and messy life, and has shown me how to stop drowning & start thriving. 



Sarah R

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