Big visions and dreams- determination to do things your way and succeed maybe despite what you grew up with or in a way you hadn't seen before, but you knew what you wanted and you were just going to go 'get it'.


I hear you.

You’re different.


You look around and wonder if your brain just works differently.

You have a mixed bag of interests and skills.


You walk to the beat of your own drum and you HATE being told what to do.


You crave NOT following everyone's rules but also know the responsibilities of being an adult sort of limit your ability to just play all day. 


The funny thing no longer have to choose one way or another.

You can finally build a life, business, body, relationship on your terms and how you want it.

You’ve seen it happen for others, but not for you.



I'd done so much personal development "stuff" before Shari and Mavericks Unleashed. But I never felt like I was making progress - it always felt like I was ending up split between several different boxes and working with coaches I could sense their frustration that I didn't just happily fit into a box.


I've gained understanding of myself and the fact that I'm not a special case (not like that anyway), I've got me back by being able to make progress and be braver than I would have been on my own and I've gained a feeling of having some kind of safety net.


Maverick Life Unleashed is for those of us who know there's something bigger for them out there somewhere but who also get frustrated and demoralised by not fitting into any of the other "boxes" that seem to be everywhere. We don't like fitting in but there's something stopping us from standing out in the way we want.


I was in a terrible place: emotionally, mentally... a complete wreck. And of course, all of this reflected directly onto my business! It was just as broken as I felt I was.


My life has already done a complete 180... and in a VERY short amount of time. My business is thrumming with life, excitement, eagerness, and confidence... and so am I!

The biggest surprise is how amazingly active Shari is. She is always there to support each and every person-- and she knows who is who. It doesn't feel like I'm just another person in a crowd. It's a very personal experience.


I've worked with coaches and business strategizers before... but none had the impact that Shari has. I cannot recommend her enough-- whatever stage your business or life is, she can transform your world.

If you need a boost in your business, a kick in the butt, or a light guiding you in the right direction... this group is for you.



So, the question lies....Why do you keep getting stuck and overwhelm

When it comes to so many areas of life and work do you feel like you just run the same stories and patterns over and over until you either get bored or flat out hit burnout? 


You may even seem fully confident and motivated from the outside. 


People often think you’re more successful than you really are, but behind the curtain? Hmmm not so much.


Doubt, procrastination, fear, change and feeling like a fraud are companions you could really happily break up with if you just knew HOW and what to replace them with. 


Living with a 'meh' income, energy level and view of the world is far too exhausting to sustain even if nothing is terribly wrong....society has told you to just be 'grateful' aka suck it up, most  people are fine with complacency who told you it's ok to crave more?

The truth is that sometimes wonder if maybe it's just YOU.


How could you say these things out loud, who would understand and there's no one to trust  to talk through these challenges with because you don't even know precisely how to put words to it without feeling daft and selfish and worrying that you will look like a silly fool. 



So, buttoning it up and putting on a game face has become the moda operandi.



Trying to sort it on your own, DIY courses, books, webinars, have enough to become at EXPERT in all things mindset, motivation and getting unstuck......


But yet, here you stand.

With some movement and growth but not yet where you know you want to be.



My goal for you after all of the work you've done so far is stay open, brave and bold and to keep moving in your life- NOT to learn or try to absorb more info.

There is always more to learn, to understand and to unbelieve AND believe.


You already know everything you need to right now- it's about staying on track, keeping up the unpacking, remembering the working parts you have already uncovered and feeling that love and support to go where you say you want to go and tweaking as you go.





1. Assessing truthfully where you are, how you got there and where you want to go INSTEAD.


2. And then, intentionally and respectfully, untangle and rebuild step by step with new tools, fresh mindset and possibility.

3. Support- community, guidance, love and care to help you stay on track, tweak as you go and feel less alone becoming the best and most successful YOU

Voila- recipe for what you have up on your whiteboard in your REAL LIFE!


Maverick Life Unleashed Membership

What's included?

  • A weekly video lesson and worksheet from me- DO. Delivered both in video as well as an mp3 for those who prefer listening
  • A weekly new meditation- WOO
  • Private FB group community
  • Exclusive platform to house all of our content for you to go explore 24/7
  • Weekly Q&A thread and livestream to have your questions answered
  • Monthly masterclass
  • Monthly group zoom call
  • Access to all future courses FREE as long as you stay & discounts
  • Full library of all trainings (we are up to 50 weeks!)
  • An affiliate program coming up to help you earn money as you grow with us!

We rotate every 5 weeks covering the 5 facets of what I see the Maverick Life to be:

1. Self
2. Relationships
3. Business
4. Wellness, Mindfulness, Health
5. Fun & Frolics/Creativity & Curiosity

Bite size lessons to keep you moving, motivated, held and lit up.

Rather than a one and done course or deep intensive 1:1 coaching, this is a community and weekly support to help you create sustainable change and STICK TO IT!

You'll learn how to:

  • Eliminate the overwhelm, procrastination and creative constipation loop once and for all,  by getting clear on what works for you, what you need to change, and where you need to grow

  • Change how you see yourself and giving you the courage, confidence, and self-belief to get your sh*t together and choose action

  • Unpack and understand those old stories and beliefs that keep you stuck – so you can get out of your own way and step up into the Maverick YOU

  • Feel more power and inner strength to stop defying rules just for the sake of it and utilize that stubborn streak to navigate and overcome obstacles and struggles without losing your footing

  • Build your business (and life) from the inside out – not the other way around.

  • Learn to feel confident, empowered and comfortable in your own skin – so you finally feel ‘enough’

  • Escape the hamster wheel of stopping & starting and learn to trust yourself to set and achieve the goals that will give you the results, freedom, and success you say you want

  • Skip that elusive search for 'balance' and understand how to know when to press forward and when to lean back

  • Figure out how you can combine and use your mixed bag of tricks of personality, skills and experience to propel yourself into your business and life that's bespoke for your blend of success- NOT using someone else's template for theirs

  • End the comparisonitis and focus on your own magic

14 Day Trial

($47/mon after) 




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6 months

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12 Months!

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